When Should You Get A Lawyer for Personal Injury


When to Hire a personal Injury Attorney

By R Ludwig

Hiring an attorney to handle a personal injury can be a big decision and one that is not taken lightly. Not every injury is grounds for a legal proceeding, but when in doubt, it is always best to schedule a consultation and get a professional opinion from an experienced attorney. Here are some basic guidelines that may answer many questions you may have about if and when you should hire a personal injury attorney.

1) Injury was caused by other person’s negligence.

If the injury was of no wrong doing of your own, then the other party may be liable for medical payments and pain and suffering. However; there is never a guarantee that the other insurance company will cover the medical expenses and this is where an attorney will come in handy. If the accident was not your fault and was clearly caused by negligence of another party, you should get an attorney.

2) Insurance Companies Have Legal Teams Working On Their Side

If an insurance company is trying to offer you a settlement that is minimal at best, you need legal representation. Insurance companies have large legal staff members who will do everything they can to minimize injury claims. Keep in mind that this is their job and in order to do their job successfully, they must downplay the incident. An attorney knows the game and can effectively help in dealing with these types of situations.

3) Consider Hiring An Attorney If These Things Have Occurred:

a) You have serious injuries with long-term effects
b) Other party is uninsured or under-insured
c) You and the other party dispute who is at fault
d) You are being pressured by the insurance claims adjuster to settle fast.
e) Don’t feel you are being compensated for current and future medical claims resulting from injury
f) Your state’s statute of limitations is approaching

4) When An Attorney Is Not Needed

Again, all cases are not grounds for a legal battle. If the injuries are minor in nature, you can guarantee the insurance companies are going to be less than willing to pay for these types of cases. In injury law, the more severe the injury is, the more likely a person will get money and the more they will get. If you just have cuts, bruises and scrapes you are wasting your time thinking that you have a legitimate claim.

5) What To Expect When Hiring An Injury Lawyer

Hiring an injury attorney is not a claim to fast cash. In fact, settling a person injury claim can take an extended period of time, even years. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, the case may constitute legal battles that are in and out of court. While some cases will settle without lengthy court proceedings, there is not guarantee how your case will be.

When your attorney gets the case, they will determine all the facts and request any discovery on the case. This information will be used to see how strong the evidence is that the other party is at fault. Remember, in these types of cases, a person must prove negligence to have a basis for a case. Once the documentation and paperwork is in order, the attorney will attempt to settle with the insurance company outside of court. Usually, the insurance company will offer a settlement that is not acceptable and negotiations will take place.

If a case cannot be settled outside of court, then the case must be heard before a judge. The judge will listen to all the evidence and expert witnesses in the case. The entire process will take some time. Doctors reports, psychiatric reports and details about the incident are needed to have a successful trial. Those who want to use these methods for a way to get a large sum of money will usually have to wait a good deal of time.

An attorney knows what cases they can take to court and the ones they cannot. It is important to have a consultation with a reputable attorney that will understand the ins and outs of a case and be able to handle both the insurance company and the court system.