Car Crash Injury Lawyer

Car Crash Injury Lawyer

By R. Ludwig    12/29/14

After a collision, the last thing that you want to deal with is more emotional trauma. The damaged property, emotional and physical injuries are enough. Unfortunately, following a car crash it can take up to months just to have your damaged property compensated. This wait doesn’t get any better in terms of compensation for your injuries or disabilities as a result of the crash. Not all situations warrant an attorney, but if you’re in this situation you need to contact a car crash injury lawyer! After you have had an assessment made of your personal injuries and the police have documented the incident, this should be your first move. If you are unable to make the call, you may have an associate or member of your family make it for you. You’ve been through enough; this process should not make it harder.

Where should your car accident injury attorney be located?

If you were out of town at the time of the accident, your best option is to find a car crash injury lawyer from the area of the crash. Take for example that you live in San Francisco and the crash occurs in Los Angeles. You would want to find a crash lawyer in LA. Laws vary from region to region. You want a lawyer who understands the local government and how to expedite your case. You don’t want an attorney who isn’t going to know when to file your claim. An LA lawyer is going to know when to file on time.

Finding and selecting a good injury lawyer

In addition to ensuring that you have a lawyer from the correct region, you want to make sure that you have one with the proper credentials. Never touch an unlicensed lawyer. You want someone licensed and a member of the bar association. This case will be very important to you and you need to be certain that your LA lawyer is going to have your best interests at heart. It would be beneficial to check for any client complaints, or any pending and past disciplinary action. Also, you want to make sure that you have the right expert for the job. Find out how long they have been practicing law and whether or not they specialize in car crash injuries. Car Crash Injuries Can Be Life ThreateningCar crashes happen often, and there are large numbers of attorneys with this specialty, so it should be easy to find an attorney with this specialization.

There is a very detailed article here on how to find good attorney candidates, and then provide you with a list of screening questions to guide you through your decision.

Contacting an Attorney

When you make the decision to contact the auto collision attorney, ask about a free consultation. Many lawyers offer this service to their clients. This first free visit will allow the lawyer to assess the validity of your case based on police, witness and medical evidence. Oftentimes, if you have a strong case, the attorney will agree to take the case on a contingency basis. In this situation, they will be paid a percentage of the settlement if your case is won or settled. In addition, if you lose your case, the attorney will not receive any fee.

What the injury lawyer does for you

The first step that your auto accident attorney will take is to help determine which sustained damages you need to be compensated for. In this process, you will figure out how much compensation you should be entitled to and whether or not you will need future compensation as well. The insurance companies of the negligent party often try to delay the case in order to press the victim into settling for a lesser amount. Your attorney will stop this from happening by communicating with the insurance company for you. You should not take part in a verbal or written agreement that limits your rights unless you have consulted your attorney.

The accident lawyer is there to help you. They will ease your anxiety and fight for your damages, loss of income, disabilities or death that resulted in the accident. An experienced and responsible lawyer will communicate to anyone who tries to strong-arm payments out of you. They will obtain accident documentation and hospital emergency records that could not be released to you.

As a victim of an auto crash, this is a difficult time in your life. Your attorney is there to guide you every step of the way. You don’t deserve to endure anymore lost income, medical problems, or lost property while you fight for the compensation you need. However, you need to make that first step. Do your research to find the best car crash injury lawyer and contact them immediately for a consultation!